Hi, I'm Travis! I'm an agile software engineer in St. Louis, MO.

I have over fifteen years of professional experience spanning multiple roles and specialities. I have been a developer, team lead, a technical team lead, a coach, a mentor and a project manager/ScrumMaster. While I have experience leading teams, at my core I am a coder. It just doesn't get any better than solving hard problems or pairing with junior developers and watching them grow.

I've done front end web applications with html/SPA front ends, back-end web services, Android and iOS mobile applications all across different problem domains, platforms, and languages. I also have extensive experience in securing applications and using popular security libraries like OpenSSL. My github is a bit messy but you can see what piques my interest.

I can be contacted using email at info[at]indexoutofbounds.com. Full resume type details are available at linkedin.

My gpg key fingerprint is: BF25 9B34 5C75 75EA 9333 1032 10E6 D70C FC14 F9C3. It is available at the ubuntu and mit keyservers.